American History Books by Lawrence J. Fleenor, Jr.

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BLACK MOUNTAIN Mother of Today

Black Mountain forms the State line between Kentucky and Virginia for much of the border's length.  The mountain is shaped like the fork of a sling shot.  In the east it begins where it joins Indian Mountain end to end.  High above Flat Gap it runs for a mile or two due west.  At the "Round" it makes a ninety degree turn to the south to the side of the head of Roaring Fork, and then turns slowly to the southwest before it divides into the prongs of the sling shot.  At the "Doubles" half way along Black Mountain's length, Little Black Mountain splits off the larger northern fork.  The State line follows Little Black to Pennington Gap, where it jumps over to Stone Mountain.  The main fork of the sling shot goes to the beginning of the Cumberland River, at the City of Harlan, Kentucky.  The hollow between the crotch of the sling shot is Bush Hollow, and its main off shoot is Razor Fork.  The Clover Fork of the Cumberland River starts in Bush Hollow, and flows to Harlan, where it joins the Poor Fork of the Cumberland, which starts on the Kentucky side of Flat Gap. 



The Bear Grass
*A History*

The idea of regional history leads directly to the unspoken thesis of this book.  Read more ...

The Forts of the Holston Militia

The story of the southwest Virginia warfare told as never before!  Locations of 37 of the forts ... more

The Great Warrior's Path

Daniel Boone, Thomas Walker and Claudius Crozet linked with the GREAT ROAD ... more

The story of the most successful and yet, the most dreaded of the Cherokee war leaders ... read more

Black Mountain Mother of Today
Indians, feuds, bush-wackings, buffalo, Civil War murders ... read more

Appalachia Anthology

A collection of short stories about the Town of Appalachia ... read more

  Elk Garden
Written by Lawrence J. Fleenor, Jr., and Edgar A. Howard, Elk Garden is a profoundly interesting place.  Roughly only about a half a dozen miles across, this limestone cove to the north of Clinch Mountain in Russell County, Virginia, is special to American History in several ways. 
Read Elk Garden online.
Johannes Flinner
Written by Lawrence J. Fleenor, Jr., and Edgar A. Howard.  We know of no other biography of this man, who figured large in the opening of the Wars of the Reformation ... read more  SPECIAL DOWNLOAD!


Old World exploration and settlement, evolution of American land title law, preindustrial era industry, Civil War, premodern chemical industry, modern chemical industry, and environmental law Saltville brandishes it all.  Read Campbell's Choice online.