Other Writings by
Lawrence J. Fleenor, Jr.


Makin Island
Overland for Gold in 1849
A Chicken Fight
Alpha Galactose Allergy
Appalachia Insurance Agency
Baker's Flats
Bear Hunting On Black Mountain
Big Stone Gap Goes to War
Biography of Rufus Adolphus Ayers
Buffalo Forge
The Course of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail through the Duffield Industrial Park and Its Environs
Dedication of the Hobbs Graveyard
Duff Mansion House
Early Timber Industry Within the Gap in Stone Mountain
Edward Leisenring Wentz
Elverton Station
Empyema in World War I
Ethnicity of the Rebel Yell
First Commercial Coal Mines in Wise County
The Fleingau
Foote Mineral
Fort Frederick
Fugate Farm
General Joseph Martin
German Origins of Appalachian Musical Instruments
History of Appalachia
How to Plow a Straight Furrow
Hungry Mother
Iron, Coal, and Canals in Early Virginia
Iron Gate
James Patton
John Mills Goodloe House
Josephine, Virginia
Kane Family, Kane Gap, The Wilderness Road and Flat Lick
Land Grant Documentation of the Route of the Wilderness Trail between Jonesville and Rosehill
Last Remaining Artifacts of the Original Mine Operation at Osaka, Virginia
Latin as Used in Medical Terminology
The Lewis Preston Summers Affair
Log Cabin Notches
Mahlon Sistie Kemmerer
Moore's Fort Powder Keg Hoop
North Fork of the Holston Meeting House
Olinger Tract
Pedigree of the "Appalachian Quarterly"
Prestley Way Station
Prices Turnpike
Roaring Fork Land Grants
Robert Tate and His Land Grants
Royal Oak, Virginia
Rye Cove Rock Cairns
Scott's Station
 Settlement Patterns In Our Region
Single Tree
Station Camp
Stephen Holsteiner
The Appalachia, Virginia Ice Plant
The Battle of Crane's Nest
The Birth of Franchised Coaxial Cable Community Antenna TV in Wise County, Virginia
The Birth of Regional Planning
The First People from the Old World
The Germans Among Us
The Historic Development of Workers Compensation, Especially Black Lung
The Jones School
The Kerr Creek Massacres
The Keystone Coal and Iron Company
The Lead Mines of Austinville
The Loyal Company
The Mid New River Traffic Circle
The Origins of the Tate Family
The Stonega Tower
The Train Wreck Where Santa Claus was Killed
Three Newly Plotted Land Grants
Four Part Presentation on the Ethnic Settlement of Virginia West of the Blue Ridge
1) The Berber and the Spanish Armada and the United States Text - Hear Lecture Audio
2) The Germans Text - Hear Lecture Audio
3) The Scots Irish Text - Hear Lecture Audio
4) The American Subsaharan African as Represented in Far South Western Virginia
Twist Tobacco
Wampler Reminiscences of the War Between the States
War West Virginia
Witcher's Boys
NEW IN 2021
Charles Page Perin
Head of the South Fork of the Powell River
Mongle Spring
Photographic History of Lonesome Pine Hospital
Southwest Virginia in the Revolutionary War
The Barytes of Bristol
The Birth of Regional Planning
The Essers of Norton
The French and Indian War in Virginia
Virginia's "State Line" Regiment
Washington County and the First Amendment